Friday, October 1, 2010

Or Just Never Rent A Car... That's Even Better!

Anytime you rent a car, look out for the gas trick. Typically, the policy is that all rentals come ready with a full tank of gas. If the car happened to not be full (lazy employees/busy day), the employee would just say "so, the meter's at 3/4 tank, just bring it back at the same." This sucks for the driver, because you can't really estimate distance against the meter level, so you'll likely come back with too much gas, which they keep. Or, you come in under, which they charge you ridiculous rates to refill. Or, you drive around the block wasting gas and time to spite them 'cause your meter's too high. Lesson: always request them to fill up the tank and just wait a few minutes.

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  1. I was thinking of renting a car on my next vacation too. Thanks for the tips. Will keep this in mind.