Thursday, September 30, 2010

My anniversary is coming up...

I have been informed by an employee at Bath and Body Works that they will take back anything... even if it's been used... even if its practically gone. You'll at least get store credit. If you manage to keep the receipt, you might even get your money back. All you have to say is it started to bother your skin. Imply that you think you're allergic to it or something, then it's a done deal, they're not allowed to say no.

Also, there are always $10 off 30 coupons sales associates can use, if you don't have one all you have to do is go in, fill up your bag with $30 worth of stuff, go to someone and say you had completed a survey you thought there was a coupon but you forgot it...if they say no, say oh well and put the stuff down, they will almost always say oh okay I can give it to you this once. They don't want to lose a sale, the CSL's have to make certain numbers and when its lotions you are selling every dollar counts.

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